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Zero electrical injuries
Today, we are happy to present you a prototype of a VR simulator that has already been successfully tested and proven to be ready for nuclear power plant (NPP) personnel training. The simulator is going to improve training quality and accelerate equipment commissioning.

June 26, 2020
Virtual reality allows for the simulation of training scenarios that are hard or impossible to recreate in real life, such as power line accidents or high-voltage operation. Today, such solutions are actively adopted by advanced manufacturers, including energy companies.

In 2021, Russia is planning to start implementing VR training at production facilities, with Leningrad NPP-2 being a pilot site and its electrical switchgear and control gear (SCG) 10 kV equipment being used as a model for the VR simulator.
"Currently, electrical personnel training is conducted using real-life equipment during the production process. Due to very strict labor safety requirements at power stations, personnel is trained for about a year, during which time they are not allowed to work unsupervised. A VR simulator recreates real-life equipment operation allowing us to save time and conduct various emergency drills".
- HR and Social Policy Director at a concern being one of the customers
In the course of training, personnel will be able to practice the scenario-based operation of electrical equipment with visualization of all possible error consequences, and then pass an exam and start performing their duties right away.

A full-fledged VR simulator of electrical equipment is a cost-effective solution that will be five times less expensive for 10 nuclear power plants than creating a physical analogue. Moreover, a VR simulator is easier to scale and can be flexibly adapted to ever-changing infrastructure and equipment of industrial enterprises compared to physical simulators, which quickly become outdated.
"We offered the concern an optimal solution for its operational needs and developed a SCG 10 kV VR simulator prototype, which enables prompt amending and adding of equipment operation or emergency drill scenarios."
- Ilya Simonov, Director of CROC Immersive Technologies and VR expert at NGN International
Such VR solutions allow employees to take courses remotely using just a desktop or mobile device, which is extremely useful for geographically distributed organizations or during such time as the pandemic lockdown. In addition, such solutions help cut business trip costs related to corporate trainings and minimize the risk of occupational injuries and equipment downtime.

This year, our strategic partner is planning to create a prototype of a full-fledged VR simulator for the concern's training department, and then, after successful project completion, develop a unified simulator functionality that may be adapted to the needs of any nuclear power plant.
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