Technological Consulting on
VR Simulator Development
Identifying customer business needs and designing a solution
VR simulator features
A hardware-and-software complex for the interactive staff training based on a highly-detailed digital enterprise model, which allows the customer to see virtually any process or object.
Interactive VR simulator
Collective training
Multiuser training with assignable trainee roles. Joint practicing of scheduled procedures.
Training mode is to train a specialist in a certain scheduled procedure, using prompts. Testing mode is to test specialist knowledge.
Instructor's client
Switching between trainees with the selection of a first- or third-person view. Session recording for subsequent debriefing.
If during the implementation, you face the following questions:
  • Which product can really solve an internal customer's problem?
  • How to choose the best-fit solution from many technologies and vendors?
  • How to justify the need in and effectiveness of a VR simulator?
  • How to develop functional requirements and a separate requirements specification?
  • How to reach target KPIs?

We offer technology consulting on creating VR simulators
and digital models
MVP roadmap
Pre-project examination,
KPI development
Proof-of-concept development (MVP), KPI approval and user feedback collection
Product development,
integration, and scaling
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