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Digital Enterprise
NGN's VR solutions for Industry 4.0 visualize information from sensors and provide cross-technology concept of Digital Enterprise: digital model that exactly reproduces production processes, facilities and infrastructure.

Track and learn enterprise's operations, control production facilities and see all processes, improve occupational and industrial safety. A complete and detailed model of the enterprise is very suitable for teaching employees, develop evacuation plans, as well as optimize production chains.
Health and Safety Virtual Trainings
VR and AR technologies are usually used to train manufacturing and operational staff for manufacturing and energy companies. With this solution it's possible to emulate real-life operations and processes and practice equipment maintenance procedures, emergency drills without any risk.

Specialists train in virtual reality using photorealistic copies of real sites, such as sections of an oil refining plant or gas distribution stations, and employ either 3D and VR apps customized for mobile devices, or VR simulators designed for widescreen visualization systems showing the content in every detail.

Having such VR simulator connected via Learning Management System (LMS), customers can arrange distance learning and regularly check personnel knowledge anywhere, even in hard-to-reach locations.

On the photo: Space Station VR Training Program.
Exhibiting Solutions
NGN provides custom 3D models of any object with the necessary level of detail, object animation and interactive control. Interactive and animated 3D models can help increase the potential of any advertising media and attract an audience of the event more effectively.

3D models can be simulated in augmented reality on mobile devices, as well as optimized for projection screens, holographic tables, personal virtual reality systems or even VR showrooms.
Mobile 3D & Augmented Reality Applications
NGN International develops custom 3D and AR apps for mobile devices and touchscreens in line with a customer's specific tasks.

What content is developed?

  • Interactive training 3D content based on lesson plans and other methodological materials
  • Interactive models demonstrating 'live' products from different angles, as well as structure and functionality
  • Interaction apps to advertise product
  • Supporting materials for museums
3D Hologram Tables
A 65-inch hologram table delivers a realistic view of real estate projects. While moving around the table, the patented system of high-speed cameras tracks the position of the user and renders the image to give a 3D view of the building from the right angle.

  • This is a new customer experience
  • Has a greater visibility than traditional scale model building
  • Provides realistic view for people that have no time to go on site · Interactive model demonstrates not only general plan and exterior, but also floor layouts, apartment plan and interior design
  • One device with unlimited number of models
Digital Museum
Digital museum with VR is the best solution for providing wow-effect, saving cultural heritage and promoting your museum all around the world.

  • Virtual museums are free from limitations of real-life museums. Visitors can zoom in any exhibit and view it as close as they want to, rise above the statue and look behind its back, discover the tiniest details.
  • Exhibit digitization is highly important for containing the cultural heritage.
  • Exhibits in AR and VR format can be demonstrated worldwide and thus accessed by a wider audience.
Platform for Education
NGN International is an authorized value-added reseller of zSpace desktop VR & AR educational platforms. zSpace creates unique learning experience and engagement through exploration and experiential learning: lightweight glasses provide a life-like view of virtual objects, while the stylus with 6 degrees of freedom allows interacting with these objects in a natural manner.

The zSpace Learning Lab includes a suite of educational software, hundreds of learning activities ready for integration into curriculum of schools and universities, and zSpace all-in-one PCs. Learning applications provided by zSpace cover a broad range of subjects: Physical Science, Life Science, Geography, Engineering Design, Mathematics and others, and elaborated for a wide set of grades, from K to 12.
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