Digital Models
Highly detailed VR-copies of your enterprise or any other building
Digital Enterprise
NGN's VR solutions for Industry 4.0 visualize information from sensors and provide cross-technology concept of Digital Enterprise: digital model that exactly reproduces production processes, facilities and infrastructure.

Track and learn enterprise's operations, control production facilities and see all processes, improve occupational and industrial safety. A complete and detailed model of the enterprise is very suitable for teaching employees, develop evacuation plans, as well as optimize production chains.
Digital Museum
Digital museum with VR is the best solution for providing wow-effect, saving cultural heritage and promoting your museum all around the world.

  • Virtual museums are free from limitations of real-life museums. Visitors can zoom in any exhibit and view it as close as they want to, rise above the statue and look behind its back, discover the tiniest details.
  • Exhibit digitization is highly important for containing the cultural heritage.
  • Exhibits in AR and VR format can be demonstrated worldwide and thus accessed by a wider audience.
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