Augmented Reality
as Real Tool to Attract Customers in the Time of Information Avalanche

July 16, 2019
Have you ever heard of clip thinking? It is a wonderful ability of our brain to catch the most important, bright, and valuable information from the boundless ocean of data surrounding us. Fortunately, most modern people have exactly this type of thinking. We are good at memorizing new and unusual patterns, while monotonous information is not retained for long. This response to uninteresting and "unneeded" details is a natural mechanism protecting our brain against information overload in the circumstances when ads attack us on the TV, radio, and social media news feeds.
How to sell products in the world where most people protect themselves against excessive information?
How to prove that your offer is not a spam but something that deserves to be retained in other people's memory? The solution does exist. I'm telling you about virtual and augmented reality — innovative technologies, which involve customers in the demonstration process and make them active participants.
Entertain your customer
Even if your customer misses tiny details of your presentation, the positive experience will linger long and be associated with your brand. Entertain your spectators and give them "circuses" by offering an AR-based interactive presentation or game, such as a maze to be passed using an app. An interactive app can be triggered by a product tag, which is more and more often used for brand promotion.
Educate your customer
Modern trends include both learning to acquire new knowledge and training customers in the use of promoted products. AR glasses and versatile scenarios immerse a user into a realistic interactive training program. AR apps can visualize complex equipment operation: for instance, a model of Star of Bosphorus data center helps demonstrate the specifics of its construction and engineering infrastructure.

Another example is an AR app for a pharma company. A tag printed on a drug leaflet invokes the app visualizing one of two scenarios. The first scenario shows how the drug works from entering a human body to positive effect. The second scenario demonstrates an interactive model of a new customer's factory building, supplemented by infographics showing manufacturing specifics, such as operation of a tablet press machine.
Respect your customer's time
Act here and now, don't waste the customer's time and efforts. VR showrooms can demonstrate many solutions within a short time to fascinate customers until something else catches their attention. This technology allows users to feel themselves in a carefully reproduced car cabin or, without leaving home, choose a washing machine and see how it fits the flat interior. Some AR app developers go further and offer customers an opportunity to try how a swimming pool fits a land plot before purchasing it. Future building design can also be presented in a 3D model. Thus, we helped a real estate developer to allow its customers thoroughly examine floor and flat layouts without visiting the construction site.
Surprise your customer
Any sales manager knows about wow-effect but few have ever seen how it works.
It is difficult to surprise customers now since they are educated, knowledgeable, familiar with the newest products, and cynical. However, there are innovative solutions that entered the market not long ago and haven't become trite yet, such as hologram tables showcasing detailed 3D models of buildings or entire residential clusters. This technology helps focus on detail: rotate, zoom in or out, 'take off' the roof and look at floor and room layouts, see how future residents will park their cars in the underground parking lot, and enjoy a bird's-eye view of their entire district. Another eye-catching tool is a hologram cube, where light refraction, animated hologram, and physical mock-up together create an amazing exhibition.
Amaze your customer
VR opens up new opportunities to trigger strong emotions without going extreme. Look at the Ancient Egypt Thriller VR Experience, an app that immerses a spectator into a "chamber of horrors" with astonishing roller-coaster.
You will hardly succeed in business if you ignore today's IT impact on a human being.
People now consume information differently, and businesses have to remember it when communicating with customers, search for new approaches and technologies, and change together with their target audience.

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