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Customer: Bahrain Investment Wharf
Year: 2018
AR mobile application to present an architectural model
NGN Int developed an easy-to-use to present the customer's architectural model at the Gulf International Industry fair. To make a precise digital copy of the model, NGN team took its pictures from all sides using special equipment and then created a powerful application based on the photogrammetry and graphical modeling technologies, AR kit for Apple's and a special tag for other devices. Using the app and a smaller size model, BIW has made an engaging interactive presentation of its model industrial city at the fair. The AR app may enable to reduce transportation costs as well as time and labor expenditures on the model assembly, enhance customer loyalty, improve company's PR-campaign, and boost sales.
Customer: Bahraini Real Estate Developer
Year: 2017
Holographic Model of a Residential Complex
Development of a holographic model of a residential complex of elite real estate. Holographic model demonstrated on NellteBox table works as an effective and functional presentation of the premium residential complex to demonstrate the adjacent territory, the exterior and the interior of the complex to customers and partners.
Customer: Star of Bosphorus, Turkey
Year: 2017
Mobile application with interactive 3D model the data center
"SoB DC" mobile application was developed as a virtual tour aimed to demonstrate engineering, security and infrastructure systems of the data center to a wide audience, interested to learn what the data center is like inside and the way it operates. The virtual tour starts from the menu icon (top left corner), which opens navigation tab between the floors and scenarios to explore engineering systems in action. For example, the application activates seismic protection system when smartphone has been shaken imitating the earthquake, and depicts the moves of the floating basement. Also, the app explains how uninterruptible power supplies start working once the main energy supply is interrupted. 3D model of SoB is also available on NettleBox table.
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